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Grant's Whisky

Food and whisky go hand-in-hand. So we were briefed to create some social content to engage with our Facebook fans. The result was a 'Saturday kitchen' style video that showed how you can use Grant's in cooking.

My job was to write the scripts for the three videos, which as you can imagine got better as they drank more whisky.

We worked with a professional chef and Grant's Master Blender to create 3 meals that complemented each other. They were quite a team. So much so that I wanted to call it 'Taste Buddies'. My Creative Director said no.

Taste Explorations: Grant's Family Reserve with beetroot cured Scottish salmon

Taste Explorations: Grant's Sherry Cask Edition and fillet steak with horseradish sauce

Taste Explorations: Grant's Ale Cask Edition with dark chocolate and orange mousse